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  • Treatment of Eczema
    • Homeopathic Treatment of Eczema
    • Acupuncture Treatment of Eczema
    • Psychotherapy Treatment of Eczema
    • Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Eczema
    • Dietary & Herbal Treatment of Eczema
    • Other Treatment of Eczema
  • What is Eczema
  • Symptoms of Eczema
  • Causes of Eczema
  • Risk factors of Eczema
  • Complications of Eczema
  • Lab Investigations and Diagnosis of Eczema
  • Precautions & Prevention of Eczema

Treatment of Eczema

Homeopathic Treatment of Eczema

Homeopathic is completely non-toxic and safe to cure Eczema successfully. The first aim of the homeopathic treatment is to reduce itching, spread of the inflammation and avoiding worsening of the condition. It also cures and prevents future recurrence.  Following are some homeopathic medicines for Eczema.

  • Antimonium crudum
  • Arsenicum album
  • Calcarea carbonica
  • Calendula
  • Graphites
  • Mezereum
  • Petroleum
  • Sulphur 

Acupuncture Treatment of Eczema

Acupuncture treats the eczema successfully caused by internal factors. Acupuncture can provide some relief from the dry and itchy skin. It also corrects the imbalances of heat, wind and dampness. Acupuncture for eczema is often combined with the application of herbal creams. 

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Treatment of Eczema

Many unconscious conflicts and disturbances may result in various physiological problems. So psychotherapy and hypnotherapy contributes to an extra benefit in treating eczema. 

Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Eczema

In allopathic treatment drugs are used to ease the symptoms. Corticosteroid is a cream that is advised sometimes for the cure of eczema to decrease the infected area of the skin. In severe cases, oral steroids may be given. 

Dietary & Herbal Treatment of Eczema

  • Breast milk is the best food for an infant.
  • Eat Foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, squash and pumpkin
  • Eat green leafy vegetables
  • Take Cod liver oil or other fish oils which contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Other Treatment of Eczema

Try a daily routine of breathing exercises (Pranayama), poses and meditation. 

What is Eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin condition in which the skin becomes itchy, reddened, cracked and dry. Eczema can be triggered by just about anything    coming in contact with the skin. The most common cause of eczema is infantile eczema although it occurs in infants and older children. 

Symptoms of Eczema

  • Dry skin
  • Intense itching
  • Painful cracks
  • The rash itches or burn
  • Red and inflamed skin
  • Brownish-grey colored patches
  • Scaly and thickened skin
  • Inflamed areas develop blisters and weep 

Causes of Eczema

  • Physical and mental stress
  • Infections and sweating
  • genetic factors
  • Detergents and soaps
  • Woolen and silk clothing
  • Food like eggs, milk, seafood and wheat
  • Allergens like Dyes, cosmetics and leather.

Risk factors of Eczema

  • Eczema is hereditary
  • Extremes in temperate or climate
  • Stressful life
  • Hay fever and asthma
  • Allergens like Plant pollen, Household dust mites
  • Exposure to skin irritants

Complications of Eczema

  • (thick and leathery skin)
  • Skin infections
  • Eye complications
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Sleep-related problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • Anxiety and Depression 

Diagnosis of Eczema

Eczema is usually diagnosed through a physical examination. Further tests may include:

  • Allergy Skin Test (Skin Scratch/Patch Test)
  • Blood Tests
  • Skin Biopsy

Precautions & Prevention of Eczema

  • For bathing use mild soaps.
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools
  • Avoid tight and woolen clothes
  • Apply moisturizer regularly to your hands in cold weather
  • Avoid frequent use of soaps, hot water, and other cleansing procedures
  • Use meditation or yoga
  • Bathe no more than once daily

For Treatment of Eczema in New Delhi Gurgaon Noida Faridabad NCR or Online Treatment of Eczema Contact Us or Fill Up Form Contact Us or Fill Up Form

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